Maleo the Game Developer

Meet Maleo, the Indonesian Game Developer

Maleo the Indonesian Game Developer

If you are a fan of Bus Simulator games, you might want to check out Maleo the Indonesian Game Developer, a game developer based in Bandung, Indonesia that specializes in crafting realistic and enjoyable bus simulator games for Android devices. 

Maleo is a game developer that specializes in Android apps. Maleo has been active since 2017 and has published two games: Bus Simulator Indonesia and Car Driving Online.

Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka Bussid Mod Apk) is a popular game that simulates driving a bus in various Indonesian cities and roads.

Car Driving Online is a racing game that allows players to drive different cars and customize them. Maleo’s games have received positive ratings and have been downloaded by millions of users. Maleo is based in Indonesia and has a website at You can find more information about Maleo and its games at AppBrain or Glints.

Maleo the BUSSID APK Developer

Meet Maleo

The Indonesian Game Developer

Maleo’s flagship game is Bus Simulator Indonesia, which has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and has been featured in Google Play’s Editor’s Choice and Top Free Games categories. 

In this game, you can experience the life of a bus driver in Indonesia, driving through various cities and regions, picking up and dropping off passengers, following the traffic rules and etiquette, and customizing your bus with various stickers, accessories, and colors. 

You can also enjoy the authentic Indonesian settings, landmarks, and honks, as well as the online multiplayer mode, where you can chat, race, and compete with other players.

You can also race with other players online, join different events and challenges, and explore different maps and terrains. Car Driving Online has realistic 3D graphics, sound effects, and physics, as well as user-friendly controls and interface.

AppCategoryInstallsRecent InstallsAverage RatingRating countLaunch dateLast updatedPrice
Bus Simulator IndonesiaSimulation100,000,000+PREMIUM4.52.0M2017-03-262023-11-29free
Car Driving OnlineRacing1,000,000+PREMIUM4.6068.0K2022-10-012022-12-28free

I hope this table helps you to compare and contrast the two games by Maleo.

Why Are Maleo’s Games So Popular and Fun?

  • High-quality 3D graphics, sound effects, and physics
  • User-friendly controls and interface
  • Authentic Indonesian settings, landmarks, and honks
  • Online multiplayer mode and leaderboards
  • Vehicle customization and stickers

How Do Maleo’s Games Teach and Immerse the Players?

  • Teaching players about the geography, traffic rules, and etiquette of Indonesia
  • Allowing players to experience the life of a bus driver in Indonesia
  • Providing players with various scenarios and challenges to test their skills and knowledge
  • Engaging players with interactive and social features

How Does Maleo Keep Improving and Evolving Its Games?

  • Listening to the feedback and suggestions from the players and implementing new features and improvements accordingly
  • Collaborating with other game developers and communities to create more content and events for their games
  • Exploring new technologies and trends to enhance their games

Bus Simulator Indonesia: [Download from Google Play Store] or [Visit the official website]

Car Driving Online: [Download from Google Play Store] or [Visit the official website]

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