SR2 Gen 3 Bus Mod BUSSID

SR2 Gen 3 Bus Mod BUSSID

Intro – SR2 Gen 3 Bus Mod BUSSID

Elevate your Bus Simulator Indonesia experience with the free SR2 Gen 3 Mod by MN Art. Dive into the game with this highly detailed, sleek-designed SR2 Gen 3 bus, offering a fresh and immersive driving adventure. Download now and enrich your BUSSID fleet!

The SR2 Gen 3 Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) is a popular modification that enhances the gaming experience for players by introducing the SR2 Gen 3 bus model into the game. This mod has been developed and credited to MN Art, a known contributor in the BUSSID modding community. The mod is available for free, making it accessible to a wide range of players interested in adding more variety to their virtual bus fleet.

Overview of SR2 Gen 3 Mod for BUSSID

  • Game: Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)
  • Mod Name: SR2 Gen 3 Mod BUSSID
  • Author: MN Art
  • Credit: MN Art
  • Price: Free
  • File Type: .zip
  • Size: 30 MB
  • Availability: Downloadable via

Features of SR2 Gen 3 Mod

The SR2 Gen 3 Mod introduces the SR2 Gen 3 bus model, which is known for its sleek design and advanced features. This mod not only adds a new bus model to the game but also enhances the overall gameplay by providing a more immersive experience. The bus model included in this mod comes with high-quality textures and detailed interiors, reflecting the real-life counterpart of the SR2 Gen 3 bus.

Installation Process

To install the SR2 Gen 3 Mod for BUSSID, players need to download the .zip file from sgcarena and extract its contents. The extracted files should then be moved to the specific directory within the Bus Simulator Indonesia game folder where mods are stored. Following this process will ensure that the SR2 Gen 3 bus model becomes available in the game, ready for use in driving missions and exploration.

Legal and Copyright Notice

MN Art holds the copyright for the SR2 Gen 3 Mod, and all content is protected by local and international copyright laws. It is important to note that re-uploading the file or changing the download link is strictly forbidden. Players interested in using this mod should respect the copyright terms and download it directly from the authorized website to support the creators.


The SR2 Gen 3 Mod by MN Art is a testament to the vibrant modding community surrounding Bus Simulator Indonesia. It offers players a fresh experience with the addition of a new, highly detailed bus model. For those looking to enhance their BUSSID gameplay, downloading and installing this mod is a straightforward way to bring new excitement to their virtual bus driving adventures. Always ensure to follow the proper installation guides and respect copyright laws when engaging with mods and community creations.

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