BUSSID Mod Apk Vs. Vietnam Bus Simulator


Compare the thrill of two top-notch bus simulation experiences with BUSSID Mod Apk Vs. Vietnam Bus Simulator. Dive into the world of virtual bus driving with BUSSID’s enhanced features, including Max Fuel, unlimied money, and a realistic Indonesian environment.

Explore the unique offerings of Vietnam Bus Simulator for a different gameplay experience. Download both and embark on exciting journeys in these immersive virtual landscapes!”

Explore the world of bus simulation with BUSSID Mod Apk Vs. Vietnam Bus Simulator. Compare features, graphics, and customization in these popular mobile games. In the realm of mobile gaming, simulation enthusiasts have found solace in the immersive world of bus simulation games.

Among these, Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK, commonly known as BUSSID, has garnered significant attention. The BUSSID MOD APK, an enhanced version of the original game, takes this experience to new heights by introducing a plethora of features and customization options.

Bus simulation games have gained immense popularity in this modern era, providing players with a relaxing and confidence-boosting driving experience. This article delves into a comparative analysis of two notable bus simulation games, “BUSSID APK” and “VNBS.


Developed by Maleo, BUSSID has established itself as a prominent player in the bus simulation genre. The game provides a realistic and engaging environment for players to experience the challenges and joys of driving various types of buses.

INTRODUCTION to Vietnam Bus Simulator

In the dynamic world of mobile gaming, Vietnam Bus Simulator (VNBS) stands out as a notable player in the bus simulation genre.

Developed by IDBS International, VNBS takes players on a virtual journey through the scenic landscapes of Vietnam, offering a unique and engaging experience in the realm of bus simulation.

Game Overview: Vietnam Bus Simulator

Developed by IDBS International, VNBS showcases the developer’s commitment to providing players with an authentic and immersive bus-driving experience.

The game allows players to navigate through the streets of Vietnam, encountering various challenges and scenarios along the way.


AspectBUSSID MOD APKVietnam Bus Simulator (VBS)
Game OverviewDeveloped by MaleoDeveloped by IDBS International
Graphics and VisualsFHD non-drop visuals and enhanced graphicsLimited and unstable graphics
Bus SelectionMany brands and models (double-deckers, coach buses, school buses)Limited Vietnamese buses
InterfaceUser-friendly interface, easy navigationComplex interface
Buses CustomizationVast customization options (theme, color, tires, headlights, etc.)Limited customization (mostly bus tires)
Weather Effects and Time of DayDay-night mode, rainy, cloudy, snow seasonsSimilar weather and time features
Traffic SystemAI-integrated traffic control system with road signsAI-integrated traffic control system (limited)
Modding CommunityVast modding and support community from various countriesLimited modding and support community
Multiplayer ModeMultiplayer, accessible, career, and tourism modesCareer and Free mode
Free in-app purchases, downloads from a specific sitePlayable on mobile and PC (Bluestacks)Mobile game
Pricing/In-app PurchasingFree in-app purchases, downloads from specific siteCharges for in-app purchases
  1. GRAPHICS AND VISUALS In terms of graphics and visuals, BUSSID MOD APK stands out with FHD non-drop visuals and enhanced graphics. The inclusion of different Indonesian landscapes contributes to a more realistic gaming experience. On the other hand, VNBS offers limited and unstable graphics.
  2. BUS SELECTION BUSSID MOD APK provides a diverse range of bus models and brands, including double-deckers, coach buses, and school buses. In contrast, VNBS has a more restricted selection, featuring primarily Vietnamese buses.
  3. INTERFACE BUSSID MOD APK boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of navigation for both new and experienced players. Conversely, VNBS presents a complex interface that may pose challenges for newcomers.
  4. BUSES CUSTOMIZATION Both games offer bus customization, but BUSSID MOD APK takes the lead with extensive options, allowing players to modify themes, colors, tires, headlights, and even the bus roof grill. In comparison, VNBS provides limited customization, primarily focused on bus tires.
  5. WEATHER EFFECTS AND TIME OF THE DAY BUSSID MOD APK and VNBS share similar features in terms of weather effects and the time of day, with both offering day-night cycles and various weather conditions.
  6. TRAFFIC SYSTEM BUSSID MOD APK and VNBS both incorporate AI-integrated traffic control systems, but BUSSID takes a step further by displaying road signs every 30 meters, enhancing the overall realism of the gaming experience.
  7. MODDING COMMUNITY BUSSID MOD APK, being an established game with a considerable player base, enjoys a vast modding and support community from countries like Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. In contrast, VNBS, being relatively new with a lower rating on the Play Store, has a more limited modding and support community.
  8. MULTIPLAYER MODE BUSSID MOD APK offers a robust multiplayer mode, providing accessibility, career modes, and tourism modes. VNBS, however, offers a more limited multiplayer experience, featuring only Career and Free modes.
  9. MOBILE VS PC GAMING BUSSID MOD APK transcends the boundaries of mobile gaming by being playable on both mobile devices and PCs through platforms like Bluestacks. On the other hand, VNBS remains exclusively a mobile game.
  10. PRICING/IN-APP PURCHASING BUSSID MOD APK stands out by offering free in-app purchases, making every transaction free if the game is downloaded from a specific site. In contrast, VNBS requires payment for in-app purchases.


In the final analysis, the choice between BUSSID and VNBS ultimately depends on individual preferences.

BUSSID MOD APK emerges as the preferred option for many, offering free in-app purchases, extensive modding and community support, FHD non-drop visuals and graphics, and compatibility with both mobile and desktop platforms.

In contrast, VNBS comes with charges for in-app purchases, limited customization options, and less stable graphics.

The decision rests in the hands of the players, who can choose the game that aligns with their gaming preferences and priorities.

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